Our Achievements

Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu and SOLITERM Group have been honored with the ENERGY GLOBE AWARD.

The researcher, entrepreneur and businessman Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu and his company SOLITERM Group have been honored with the NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE AWARD for the country Turkey. SOLITERM Group, which had formerly been awarded with the INTERNATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE AWARD 2004 in the category "Fire" and the NATIONAL ENERGY GLOBE AWARD for Turkey in 2009, was deemed worthy of this award again this year.

Introduced by Wolfgang Neuman and marking a decade this year, the ENERGY GLOBE AWARD has been given on a regional, national and international basis to eco-friendly projects in which the energy is utilized in an efficient manner.

The inauguration ceremony of ENERGY GLOBE TV, with the high level of participation by European Environment Ministers took place in Prague this year. Carol Browner, the climate consultant of the President of the USA Barack Obama, and Stavros Dimas, a Commission Member of the European Union were among the senior participants of the ceremony, during which the most environmentalist project was rewarded (globally). The ceremony, in which senior officials of the European Union attended and the awards were delivered to the winners, took place one day before the Grand Opening Premiere. The founder of the SOLITERM Group, vision holder Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu received the award on behalf of the company, and took this occasion to express his gratitude for the appreciation of SOLITERM Group’s efforts, which produce technologies that are both ecologically effective, and financially profitable owing to implementation at ease.


Awards to SOLITERM and Dr. Lokurlu

Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu and SOLITERM already were honored with several awards and prizes:

R.I.O. Award 2004
On 28.09.2004 Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu was decorated with the R.I.O. Award; a cooperation between Austria, Swiss and Germany for the „Coolste Idee seit Beginn der Nutzung von Solarenergie” (Coolest idea since using of solar energy). This award was granted for the technology that can contribute most to fight against global environmental problems.
Energy Globe Award 2004, category „Fire”
Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu and SOLITERM were on 28.4.2005 in the world exhibition EXPO 2005 in Aichi / Japan awarded the internationally known Energy Globe Award in the category "fire". The award honored him for the world's first development of solar cooling systems, and his pioneering work in the field of solar energy.
Global 100 Eco-Tech Award
On 1.9.2005 and Dr. Lokurlu SOLITERM have been rewarded with the Global 100 Echo-Tech Award in Nagoya / Japan for its development of a concept for solar cooling. The award honors 10 technologies that can contribute most to fight against global environmental problems and to create a sustainable future. 
European Solar Prize 2005
On 07.12.2005, Dr. Lokurlu won the European Solar Prize 2005 EUROSOLAR, the European Association for Renewable Energies. Them distinguishes this award communes, businesses, individuals and organizations that take an example of the initiative for the use of solar energy in all its forms. Outstanding innovative products and initiatives of the application of renewable energies will be rewarded in various price categories.
‘welt der wunder’ Prize of Innovations 2005
From a variety of candidates, the prestigious jury (among them representatives of the German Ministry for Education & Research, the German Aerospace Center, Volkswagen and several renowned scientists) SOLITERM and its parabolic trough technology were chosen as the winner of “welt der wunder Innovationspreis 2005” (World of Wonders Innovation Award).
Sustainability Award für Sustainable Innovation 2007
In May 2007 SOLITERM was granted the Sustainability Award 2007 in the category of "Sustainable Innovation". The price is awarded by the Sustainability Association, a consortium of sustainability-oriented equity investment societies. Previous recipients were among others Henkel and Toyota.
TIME Magazine Global Hero of the Environment 2007
In October 2007 Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu was appointed to one of TIME Magazine Global Heroes of the Environment in 2007. He was honored for his great contribution to the use of renewable energies, together with personalities from around the world, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Al Gore and Prince Charles.
Nomination BVMW Entrepreneur Award 2007
In recognition of his innovative and successful entrepreneurial activities in the SME sector Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu was nominated from the jury of the BVMW (Association for medium-sized businesses) for the Entrepreneur Award 2007.
Kyocera Umweltpreis 2008
The Aachen-based company was awarded in May 2008 with the  100,000 € - BVMW Kyocera Environmental Prize. The Kyocera Mita Germany GmbH supports with this prize small and medium enterprises, planning projects with outstanding contribution to the climate and environmental protection.
Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft 2008
The ‘Wirtschaftclub Rhein-Main e.V., Frankfurt’, and the WirtschaftsWoche, Dusseldorf, assigned the Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft (Innovation Award of German Industry), to promote the innovation of the German economy and to strengthen the international competitiveness of Germany. SOLITERM GmbH won the category for medium-sized companies with the product: Solar air conditioning to reduce pollution emissions, the founder of this prize: EnBW AG
Förderpreis der CDU – Nordrhein Westfalen 2008
At the CDU NRW Future and Innovation Congress in Dusseldorf, Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu get the CDU NRW Award 2008.
The Future and Innovation Conference, were among others the Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel took part, was used as a discussion forum for the future prospects of the business location North Rhine-Westphalia,  showing the development of SOLITERM Group, which has been based since its founding in Aachen and the country will remain faithful even in the future, as an excellent example.
National Energy Globe, Category: Turkey
The entrepreneur and scientists, Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu, and his SOLITERM group was awarded with the National Energy Globe Award on 13 April 2009 in Prague. The Energy Globe Award honors environmentally friendly and energy efficient projects at regional, national and international level. The visionary, Dr. Ahmet Lokurlu, accepted the award in the category of Turkey.
Award for Innovation and Excellence (IChemE) 2009, Highly Commended
The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) honored SOLITERM as part of its Innovation and Excellence Awards ceremony in November 2009 with the designation "Highly Commended". SOLITERM won in the category "energy".
Industriepreis 2010, Category: Energy & Environment
In April 2010 SOLITERM was the Industry Award winner in the category "Energy & Environment". The award honors since 2006, most innovative, unique industrial solutions. The winners were announced on 19 April 2010 at the Hannover Messe.