Areas of Use for Solar Power:

Water heating,
Steam production,
Heating systems,
Cooling systems,
Electric production,

SOLITERM has developed an integrated energy supply system for hotels and similar facilities. In this system, part of the heat is collected by parabolic solar collectors, and the rest is produced by co-generation systems and/or steam boilers.

The obtained steam drives double-action absorption cooler, or is used to produce steam and hot water for facilities such as laundry and kitchen.

The double-action absorption cooling group is driven by a 150m2 field of solar collectors- The monthly amount of energy met by the solar collector area and support system as well as the average monthly heating energy needed by the absorption cooling machine (ACM) are the average 1.4 COP double-action absorption coolant mechanisms need steam at 144°C, and a pressure of 4 ATM. The heating fluid for the mechanism producing such steam is hot water, heated to 180°C, and pressurized to 12 ATM by the parabolic sun collectors. For these reasons, the parabolic, groove-type collectors are designed to work at temperatures of 180°C / 155°C.

That direct sun light is used in parabolic groove type collectors, and that direct light may be interrupted during the daytime, and there will be no light at nights, the systems necessitates installation of two hot water and cold water storage tanks; one of which will store the extra hot water produced by the solar collectors, and the other will store the excess coolant water produced by the double-action absorption cooler. This way, the cooling process continue at overcast weather by the hot water and cooling water stored when the facility does not need cooling, or such need is reduced; thus shortening the feedback cycle of the system and reducing operational cost.

A steam boiler is necessary to support steam production particularly at night, in order to ensure continuous operation of absorption cooling machine in this system. In new-generation systems, a small-capacity steam compression cooling group will help the night-time cooling needs, rather than supporting the absorption cooling system with a steam boiler. The use of multi-plan electric meters will help reduce operational costs in terms of electricity energy used at night, and provides for saving in the facility expenses.

Steam production techniques:

SOLİTEM'S "Solo Operation" parabolic solar collector systems can power steam generators exclusively through solar power. This system uses 7 bars of saturated steam. SOLITERM is the system of choice for laundries, paper and textile mills and food industries.

Fig.1.) Steam production through SOLITERM technologies.

Solar cooling:

SOLITERM technology can also be applied to operations of sub-zero cooling. In this case, single-cycle absorption coolers, rather than double-cycle systems, are used. The system produces favorable results when combined with a pre-existing low-temperature mechanism.